Complete Shotgun             $175.00
 Stock Only                             $60.00
 Forearm Only                       $60.00
 Choke Tubes                         $20.00



 Complete Pistol                 $125.00
 Frame Only                          $75.00
 Slide Only                             $75.00
 Grips                                      $30.00

*contact us for revolver pricing.



 Complete Rifle                   $175.00
 Stock Only                            $90.00
 Trigger Guard                      $20.00
 Barrel Only                           $90.00
 Bolt Handle                          $20.00



Small Scope                          $55.00​
 Large Scope                         $75.00

Cerakote Clear Finish           + 15%

*All firearms must be completely disassembled and cleaned prior to being received.

* Previous camo, paint, or stickers will be charged a $25 removal fee.

*Scopes are processed at owner’s risk due to submersion under water.
* Prices listed do not include KS sales tax and are estimates.  Contact us for a price quote. 

*Pricing subject to change without notice.   


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